Vegetables Name In Sanskrit Hindi & English With Pictures

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Vegetables Names In Sanskrit

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50+ List Of Vegetables Name In Sanskrit Hindi & English

We prepared a list which contain Vegetables name in Sanskrit and later in this post we have separate tables of individual Vegetables name with pictures and scientific names.

Here is the List of 10 common Vegetables name in Sanskrit, Hindi & English

English NameSanskrit NameHindi Name
Cabbageकपिशाकपत्ता गोभी

Vegetables Sanskrit Name With Pictures & Scientific Names

vegetables name in sanskrit

English NameArtichoke
Sanskrit Nameभक्ष्यमूल सूर्यमूखी
Hindi Nameहाथी चक
Scientific NameCynara scolymus

asparagus vegetable

English NameAsparagus
Sanskrit Nameसूक्ष्मपत्त्रिका
Hindi Nameशतावरी
Scientific NameAsparagus officinalis

Basil sabji

English NameBasil
Sanskrit Nameविष्णुहिता
Hindi Nameतुलसी
Scientific NameOcimum basilicum

Bean in sanskrit

English NameBean
Sanskrit Nameसिम्बा
Hindi Nameसेम
Scientific NamePhaseolus vulgaris

Beetroot sanskrit name

English NameBeetroot
Sanskrit Nameपालङ्क
Hindi Nameचुकंदर
Scientific NameBeta vulgaris

Bitter-gourd name sanskrit

English NameBitter-gourd
Sanskrit Nameकारबेल्लं
Hindi Nameकरेला
Scientific NameMomordica charantia

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Brinjal in sanskrit

English NameBrinjal
Sanskrit Nameवृन्ताकं
Hindi Nameबैगन
Scientific NameSolanum melongena

Broccoli ko sanskrit me kya kehte hain

English NameBroccoli
Sanskrit Nameकपिशाक
Hindi Nameहरी गोभी
Scientific NameBrassica oleracea var. italica

Brussel Sprouts hindi and sanskrit

English NameBrussel Sprouts
Sanskrit Nameब्रूसेल स्प्राऊट्स
Hindi Nameब्रूसेल स्प्राऊट्स
Scientific NameBrassica oleracea var. gemmifera

Cabbage sanskrit name

English NameCabbage
Sanskrit Nameकपिशाक
Hindi Nameपत्ता गोभी
Scientific NameBrassica oleracea var. capitata

Carrot hindi and sanskrit

English NameCarrot
Sanskrit Name गुञ्जनम्
Hindi Name गाजर
Scientific NameDaucus carota subsp. sativus

Cauliflower in sanskrit

English NameCauliflower
Sanskrit Nameगोजिह्वा
Hindi Nameगोभी
Scientific NameBrassica oleracea var. botrytis

Celery अजवायन

English NameCelery
Sanskrit Nameगन्धपत्त्रिका,
Hindi Nameअजवायन
Scientific NameApium graveolens

Chickpea name sanskrit

English NameChickpea
Sanskrit Nameचणक
Hindi Nameकाबुली चना
Scientific NameCicer arietinum

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Chili hindi and sanskrit

English NameChili
Sanskrit Name मरीचं
Hindi Nameमिर्च
Scientific NameCapsicum frutescens

Cinnamon vehgetable

English NameCinnamon
Sanskrit Nameदारुचिनी
Hindi Nameदालचीनी
Scientific NameCinnamomum verum

Coriander vegetable

English NameCoriander
Sanskrit Nameधान्याकम्
Hindi Nameधनियाँ
Scientific NameCoriandrum sativum

Corn ka sanskrit name

English NameCorn
Sanskrit Nameधान्य:
Hindi Nameअनाज
Scientific NameZea mays

Cucumber in sanskrit

English NameCucumber
Sanskrit Nameचर्भटि:
Hindi Nameखीरा
Scientific NameCucumis sativus


English NameDill
Sanskrit Nameवज्रपुष्पा
Hindi Nameसोआ
Scientific NameAnethum graveolens


English NameEggplant वृन्ताकः
Sanskrit Name
Hindi Nameबैंगन
Scientific NameSolanum melongena


English NameGarlic
Sanskrit Nameलशुनं
Hindi Nameलहसुन
Scientific NameAllium sativum

Green Bean

English NameGreen Bean
Sanskrit Nameहरित-शिबिका
Hindi Nameहरी फली
Scientific NamePhaseolus vulgaris


Green Pepper

English NameGreen Pepper
Sanskrit Nameहरित-मरीचं
Hindi Nameहरी मिर्च
Scientific NameCapsicum annuum Group


English NameLady-Finger
Sanskrit Nameभिण्डिका
Hindi Nameभिंडी
Scientific NameAbelmoschus esculentus


English NameLeek
Sanskrit Nameहरित-पलाण्डुः
Hindi Nameहरा प्याज
Scientific NameAllium ampeloprasum 'Leek Group'

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English NameLentil
Sanskrit Nameमसूर:
Hindi Nameमसूर
Scientific NameLens culinaris


English NameLettuce
Sanskrit Nameसलाद
Hindi Nameसलाद
Scientific NameLactuca sativa


English NameMushroom
Sanskrit Nameपालघ्न
Hindi Nameमशरूम
Scientific NameAgaricus bisporus


English NameOnion
Sanskrit Nameपलाण्डुः
Hindi Nameप्याज
Scientific NameAllium cepa


English NameOregano
Sanskrit Nameअजमोद पत्र:
Hindi Nameओरिगैनो
Scientific NameOriganum vulgare


English NameParsley
Sanskrit Nameअजमोदा
Hindi Nameअजमोद
Scientific NamePetroselinum crispum


English NamePea
Sanskrit Nameकलायः
Hindi Nameमटर
Scientific NamePisum sativum

pointed gourd

English NamePointed-gourd
Sanskrit Nameपटोलः
Hindi Nameपरवल
Scientific NameTrichosanthes dioica


English NamePotato
Sanskrit Nameआलुकः
Hindi Nameआलू
Scientific NameSolanum tuberosum


English NamePumpkin
Sanskrit Nameअलाबु
Hindi Nameकद्दू
Scientific NameCucurbita


English NameRadish
Sanskrit Nameमूलिका
Hindi Nameमूली
Scientific NameRaphanus raphanistrum

Red Pepper

English NameRed Pepper
Sanskrit Nameरक्तवर्णमरीचं
Hindi Nameलाल मिर्च
Scientific NameCapsicum


English NameRosemary
Sanskrit Nameमेंधीका
Hindi Nameमेंहदी
Scientific NameSalvia rosmarinus


English NameSaffron
Sanskrit Nameअग्निशाखा
Hindi Nameकेसर
Scientific NameCrocus sativus


English NameSpinach
Sanskrit Nameपालक्या
Hindi Nameपालक
Scientific NameSpinacia oleracea

Sweet Potato

English NameSweet Potato
Sanskrit Nameशकरकन्दः
Hindi Nameमीठा आलू
Scientific NameIpomoea batatas

Tomato name in sanskrit

English NameTomato
Sanskrit Nameरक्ताङ्गकः
Hindi Nameटमाटर
Scientific NameSolanum lycopersicum

English NameWater-chestnut
Sanskrit Name शृंगाटकः
Hindi Nameसिंघाड़ा
Scientific NameEleocharis dulcis

Ridge-gourd sanskrit name

English NameRidge-gourd
Sanskrit Nameकोशातकी
Hindi Name तुरई
Scientific NameLuffa

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