List of Flowers Name In Sanskrit Hindi And English With Pictures

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Flowers Names In Sanskrit

So, We have collected  Sanskrit Names of flowers from all over the web and complied all the names in one place and created this post where you will find a list of 35+ flowers name in English Hindi and Sanskrit Language with Scientific Name and with pictures.

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List Of Common Flowers Name In Sanskrit Hindi & English

We prepared a list which contain Sanskrit Name of Flowers and later in this post we have separate tables of individual birds name with pictures and scientific names.

Here is the List of 10 Flowers name in Sanskrit and Hindi 

English NameSanskrit NameHindi Name

Flowers Sanskrit Hindi & English Name With Pictures & Scientific Name

Each Flower name is Shared in a different table and the table contain English name, Hindi Name , Sanskrit Name and Scientific name with Pictures.

Balsam Name in sanskrit

English NameBalsam
Sanskrit Nameव्रणरोपिन्
Hindi Nameगुल मेहँदी
Scientific NameImpatiens


English NameBlossomed Flower
Sanskrit Nameविकसितम्
Hindi Nameखिला फूल

Blue Water Lily Sanskrit Name

English NameBlue Water Lily
Sanskrit Nameनीलपद्म
Hindi Nameनीलकमल
Scientific NameNymphaea caerulea

Chrysanthemum Flower Sanskrit meaning

English NameChrysanthemum
Sanskrit Name हेमपुष्पति
Hindi Nameगुलदाउदी
Scientific NameChrysanthemum morifolium

Cobra Saffron flower Sanskrit nAME

English NameCobra Saffron
Sanskrit Nameकेसर
Hindi Nameनाग केसर
Scientific NameMesua ferrea

Daffodil Name in sanskrit

English NameDaffodil
Sanskrit Nameडॅफ़ोडिल्
Hindi Nameनरगिस
Scientific NameNarcissus

Dahlia ka Sanskrit name

English NameDahlia
Sanskrit Nameदालियापुष्प
Hindi Nameडेहलिया
Scientific NameDahlia pinnata

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Daisy a sanskrit naam and hindi naam

English NameDaisy
Sanskrit Nameभृङ्गराज
Hindi Name गुलबहार
Scientific NameBellis perennis

Royal poinciana Name in hindi and sanskrit

English NameRoyal poinciana
Sanskrit Nameगुलमोहर
Hindi Nameगुलमोहर
Scientific NameDelonix Regia


English NameErythrina
Sanskrit Nameमन्दारक
Hindi Nameपारिजात
Scientific NameErythrina


English NameFlax
Sanskrit Nameनीलपुष्पिका
Hindi Nameसन
Scientific NameLinum usitatissimum


English NameFrangipani
Sanskrit Nameचम्पकम्
Hindi Nameचम्पा
Scientific NamePlumeria


English NameHiptage
Sanskrit Nameभद्रवल्ली
Hindi Nameमाधवी पुष्प
Scientific NameHiptage benghalensis

Hollyhock flower

English NameHollyhock
Sanskrit Nameगुलखैरा
Hindi Nameगुलखैरा
Scientific NameAlcea

Jasmine flower

English NameJasmine
Sanskrit Nameनवमल्लिका
Hindi Nameचमेली
Scientific NameJasminum

Lady’s slipper orchid flower sanskrit name

English NameLady’s slipper orchid
Sanskrit Nameआर्किड फूल
Hindi Nameआर्किड फूल
Scientific NameCypripedioideae

Lily flower

English NameLily
Sanskrit Nameयूथिका
Hindi Nameजुहि
Scientific NameLilium

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Lotus flower

English NameLotus
Sanskrit Nameकमलम्
Hindi Nameकमल
Scientific NameNelumbo nucifera

Magnolia flower

English NameMagnolia
Sanskrit Nameचम्पकम्
Hindi Nameचम्पा
Scientific NameMagnolia grandiflora

Marigold flower name in hindi and sanskrit

English NameMarigold
Sanskrit Nameसेवन्तिका
Hindi Nameगेंदा
Scientific NameTagetes

Mesua Ferrea flower in hindi

English NameMesua Ferrea
Sanskrit Nameनाग केसर
Hindi Nameनाग केसर
Scientific NameCeylon ironwood

Motia flower

English NameMotia
Sanskrit Name मोतिया
Hindi Name मोतिया
Scientific NameJasminum sambac

Murraya flower

English NameMurraya
Sanskrit Nameकामिनी
Hindi Nameकामिनी
Scientific NameMurraya paniculata

Mushroom flower

English NameMushroom
Sanskrit Nameछत्त्रक
Hindi Nameछत्रक
Scientific NameAgaricus bisporus

Narcissus flower name in sanskrit and hindi with picture

English NameNarcissus
Sanskrit Nameनरगिस पुष्पं
Hindi Nameनर्गिस
Scientific NameNarcissus pseudonarcissus

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Night Blooming Jasmine flower in sanskrit

English NameNight Blooming Jasmine
Sanskrit Nameरात की रानी
Hindi Nameरात की रानी
Scientific NameCestrum nocturnum

Oleandern flower in sanskrit

English NameOleander
Sanskrit Nameकर्णोरः
Hindi Nameकनेर
Scientific NameNerium oleander

Orange Blossom flower in hindi and sanskrit with english and scientific name

English NameOrange Blossom
Sanskrit Nameजाम्भजम्
Hindi Nameनारङ्गी
Scientific NameCitrus sinensis

Palash flower

English NamePalash
Sanskrit Nameकिंशुक
Hindi Nameपलाश
Scientific NameButea monosperma

Pandanus flower in sanskrit

English NamePandanus
Sanskrit Nameकैतकम्
Hindi Nameकेतकी
Scientific NamePandanus tectorius

Pansy flower in hindi english and sanskrit name with photo

English NamePansy
Sanskrit Nameस्रीवत
Hindi Nameबनफूल
Scientific NameViola tricolor var. hortensis

Rose sanskrit name with photo

English NameRose
Sanskrit Nameपाटलम्
Hindi Nameगुलाब
Scientific NameRosa

Sandal flower in hindi and sanskrit

English NameSandal
Sanskrit Name श्रीखण्डम्
Hindi Nameचन्दन
Scientific NameSantalum album

Sunflower in sanskrit

English NameSunflower
Sanskrit Nameसूर्य्यवितं
Hindi Nameसूरजमुखी
Scientific NameHelianthus

Tulip flower in sanskrit language

English NameTulip
Sanskrit Nameकन्द पुष्पम्
Hindi Nameकन्द पुष्प
Scientific NameTulipa


English NameWithered Flower
Sanskrit Name म्लानम्
Hindi Nameमुरझाया फूल

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