50+ Birds Name In Sanskrit English And Hindi With Pictures

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Birds Names In Sanskrit

So, we have collected Birds Sanskrit names from all over the web and complied all the names in a list and created this post for you where you will find a list of 50+ Birds name in English Hindi and Sanskrit Language with Scientific Name and with pictures.

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50+ List of Birds Name In Sanskrit Hindi & English With Scientific Name

We prepared a list which contain birds name in Sanskrit  and later in this post we have separate tables of individual birds name with pictures and scientific names.

Here is the List of Birds name in Sanskrit and Hindi 

Common Mynaकलहप्रियासारिका
Flamingoराजः हंसःराज हंस
Hawk Cuckooउपकःपपीहा
Kingfisherमीनरंकराम चिरैया
Wag Taiखंजनःखंजन
Weaver Birdबयाबया
English NameBird
Sanskrit Nameखगः
Hindi Nameपक्षी
Scientific NameAves

bat birds name in sanskrit

English NameBat
Sanskrit Nameजतुका
Hindi Nameचमगादड़
Scientific NameChiroptera

bee in sanskrit

English NameBee
Sanskrit Nameमधुपः
Hindi Nameमक्खी
Scientific NameApis

black bee in sanskrit language

English NameBlack Bee
Sanskrit Name भ्रमरः
Hindi Nameभौरा
Scientific NameXylocopa

cock name in sanskrit

English NameCock
Sanskrit Nameकुक्कुटः
Hindi Nameमुर्गा
Scientific NameGallus gallus domesticus

common myna name sanskrit me

English NameCommon Myna
Sanskrit Nameकलहप्रिया
Hindi Nameसारिका
Scientific NameAcridotheres tristis

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crane bird sanskrit name

English NameCrane
Sanskrit Nameसारसः
Hindi Nameसारस
Scientific NameGruidae


English NameCrow
Sanskrit Nameकाकः
Hindi Nameकौवा
Scientific NameCorvus

cuckoo in hindi and sanskrit

English NameCuckoo
Sanskrit Nameपिकः कोकिलः
Hindi Nameकोयल
Scientific NameCuculidae

dove name in sanskrit

English NameDove
Sanskrit Nameकपोतः
Hindi Nameफाख्ता
Scientific NameColumbidae

birds name in sanskrit

English NameDuck
Sanskrit Name वर्तकः
Hindi Nameबतख
Scientific NameAnas platyrhynchos

bird kite name in sanskrit language

English NameKite
Sanskrit Nameश्येनः
Hindi Nameचील
Scientific NameMilvus migrans


English NameFlamingo
Sanskrit Nameराजः हंसः
Hindi Nameराज हंस
Scientific NamePhoenicopterus roseus

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Hawk Cuckoo

English NameHawk Cuckoo
Sanskrit Nameउपकः
Hindi Nameपपीहा
Scientific NameHierococcyx varius

Falcon in sanskrit language

English NameFalcon
Sanskrit Name श्येनः
Hindi Nameबाज़
Scientific NameFalco


English NameHen
Sanskrit Nameकुक्कुटी
Hindi Nameमुर्गी
Scientific NameGallus gallus domesticus

hoopoe bird

English NameHoopoe
Sanskrit Nameपुत्रप्रिय
Hindi Name हुदहुद
Scientific NameUpupidae

Kingfisher bird sanskrit name

English NameKingfisher
Sanskrit Nameमीनरंक
Hindi Nameराम चिरैया
Scientific NameAlcedines


English NameMynah
Sanskrit Nameसरिकाः
Hindi Nameमैना
Scientific NameAcridotheres tristis


English NameNightingale
Sanskrit Nameकलापी
Hindi Nameबुलबुल
Scientific NameLuscinia megarhynchos

Ostrich bird sanskrit name

English NameOstrich
Sanskrit Nameऊष्ट्रपक्षी
Hindi Nameशुतरमुर्ग
Scientific NameStruthio camelus

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owl ka name sanskrit mein

English NameOwl
Sanskrit Nameउलूकः
Hindi Nameउल्लु
Scientific NameStrigiformes

parrot name sanskrit language

English NameParrot
Sanskrit Nameशुकः
Hindi Nameतोता
Scientific NamePsittaciformes

Partridge Birds name in sanskrit

English NamePartridge
Sanskrit Nameतित्तिरि
Hindi Nameचकोर
Scientific NamePerdix perdix

मोर peacock

English NamePeacock
Sanskrit Nameमयूरः
Hindi Nameमोर
Scientific NamePavo cristatus

कपोतः Pigeon bird in sanskrit

English NamePigeon
Sanskrit Nameकपोतः
Hindi Nameकबूतर
Scientific NameColumba livia domestica

वर्तकः quail bird

English NameQuail
Sanskrit Nameवर्तकः
Hindi Nameबटेर
Scientific NameCoturnix coturnix


English NameRooster
Sanskrit Name कृकवाकु
Hindi Nameमुर्गा
Scientific NameGallus gallus domesticus

Skylark bird sanskrit

English NameSkylark
Sanskrit Nameचक्रवाक
Hindi Nameचकता, अबाबील
Scientific NameAlauda arvensis

Sparrow चिड़िया

English NameSparrow
Sanskrit Nameचटकः
Hindi Nameचिड़िया
Scientific NamePasseridae

Spoon Bill bird

English NameSpoon Bill
Sanskrit Nameदर्विदा
Hindi Nameचमचा, दाबिल
Scientific NamePlatalea

Stork bird

English NameStork
Sanskrit Nameवकः
Hindi Nameबगुला
Scientific NameCiconiidae

swan bird

English NameSwan
Sanskrit Nameमरालः
Hindi Nameहंस
Scientific NameCygnus

Vulture गीद्ध

English NameVulture
Sanskrit Nameगृधः
Hindi Nameगीद्ध
Scientific NameAegypius monachus

Wag Tai bird

English NameWag Tai
Sanskrit Nameखंजनः
Hindi Nameखंजन
Scientific NameMotacilla

Weaver Bird sanskrit name

English NameWeaver Bird
Sanskrit Name बया
Hindi Name बया
Scientific NamePloceidae

Woodpecker bird sanskrit name

English NameWoodpecker
Sanskrit Nameशतच्छद
Hindi Nameकठफोडवा
Scientific NamePicidae

So these were the names of Common Birds in Sanskrit language.

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